RP8450 450 Watt ATX Redundant Power Supply Quick Installation Guide


This quick tutorial demonstrates the installation of a RP8450 redundant power supply in a RM0211 Rackmount chassis.  These installation directions can also be applied to other chassis models that have the same power supply mounts.




Before you begin, please check the RP8450 box for the mounting bracket kit and power cable.  Please note that you do not need to use all of the mounting brackets to install the RP8450 redundant power supply.




Look on the side of the power supply for the voltage switch.  Confirm that the switch reads 115 for 115 volts and not 230.  If you are not in the United States and your power connections run on 230 volts, then keep the switch on 230 volts.




Depress the thumb lock and pull the redundant power module out by the handle.  Do this for all three power modules.





Attach the smaller L bracket on the top of the empty redundant power supply cage with two of the flathead screws.




Attach the longer L bracket on the side as shown using the other two flathead screws.




Remove the small power supply mounting bracket on the Rackmount chassis by unfastening the four screws.





Install the RP8450 Redundant power supply by fastening four screws in the slots used to hold the small power supply mounting bracket.


Connect the power cable and the redundant power supply is ready to go.


<End of tutorial>