RM0209 4U ATX Rackmount Chassis

Supports Intel Dual Xeon Motherboards

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Model Number : RM0209


Rear View (2x300 Watts Redundant Power Supply Not Included)


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Internal View - QuickTime Java Script






  • Supports Dual Xeon Motherboard
  • Suitable for 7 slots AT or ATX motherboard
  • Three exposed 5.25" bays and one exposed 3.5" drive bay
  • One extra available internal 3.5" drive bay when using MicroATX and FlexATX form factor motherboards
  • Two 80mm front intake cooling fans. (Excellent Cooling Design)
  • Replaceable air filter
  • Locking front doors for power switch and drive bays
  • 7 Available PCI Slots for ATX motherboard
  • Replaceable and washable air filter
  • Optional: RP8450 3 x 225 watts redundant power supply
  • Optional: 14 slot ISA,ISA/PCI, and PCI passive backplane configuration available (Not included)
  • Optional: Supports 10 full-length slots and 4 half-length slots on14 slots passive blackplane configuration
  • Note: Left picture showed with an optional passive backplane board (not included)


  • 4U height.
  • Dimensions: 17.7" x 19" x 7" (DxWxH)
  • EIA RS-310C Compliant
  • Motherboard Support: 9.5" x 12" (DxW)
  • Chassis thickness: 1.0mm.
  • Front door thickness: 1.4mm aluminum
  • Weight: Approximate 35 lbs

  • Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel
  • Full array of LED indicators
  • Front and rear keyboard ports
  • Front handles and rackmount ears included
  • Accepts standard I/O shields provided by motherboard manufacturers.
    By default, standard
    I/O shield # 7 is also provided.
  • 235 watts ATX power supply included
  • Standard motherboard mounting hardware included
  • Momentary rocker power switch
  • Internal PC speaker
  • Affixed thumbscrews

- Tested ATX Motherboards

  • Intel Dual Xeon Motherboard
  • Tiger i7501 (S2723)
  • Legacy List as of 10-15-2001
  • Note: RM0209 does not fully support Pentium 4 ATX Motherboard. For 4U chassis with Pentium 4 support please take a look at RM0211.
  • Asus CUSI, CUSL2, TUSL2/C, CUR-DLS, A7V266, TUA266, A7V133C, PLE133, CUV266
  • Intel CA810EA, EAL, CA815EEAL
  • Tyan Trinity i845 S2090, S2510, S2505/T, S2518, S2080, S2507T/D
  • Other: Supports motherboards with standard ATX I/O Shields

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  • RM0209ATXBK with 460 Watts Power Supply (Black Color)



  • RM0209ATXBG with 460 Watts Power Supply (Beige Color)



Optional Accessories (Most Popular)



  • 24" to 30" adjustable sliding rail for RM0209 Chassis



  • RP8480 - 480 Watts Redundant ATX (PS/2) Power Supply



  • Black Color 52X CD-ROM Reader and 1.44MB Floppy Drive Bundle Deal